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The Whole Golden World - Kristina Riggle
While for the most part, I liked book, there were times that I didn't and felt that three narrators, Morgan, Dinah, and Rain, were from time to time fairly self-centered and it seemed that their only concern was for their own reputation and well-being, no matter what the costs were to those around them, mainly the male characters in their lives.  This seemed to be especially to be true of Dinah, who seemed to not realize that her lack of involvement in her children's lives made them act out in ways that, at least to her, contrary to the way that she perceived them to be; she thought of them to be angels and as though they were innocent of any sort of wrong doing, no matter what happened.
It also felt like that this sort of book would be perfect to show as a movie on Lifetime.
Source: http://jaynesbooks.blogspot.ca/2014/04/the-whole-golden-world-kristina-riggle.html